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Tv-2 (Sangen nærmest lykkelig ).

Hva nu hvis jeg ikke ved, præcis hva jeg gør, hva nu hvis du sir' det er helt iorden, er vi så ikke nærmest lykkelige, vi to?

Outlandish (Look Into My Eyes).

You worry about your education. And the bills you have to pay. I worry about my vulnerable life. And if I'll survive another day.

Groucho Marx (Film).

I have my principles - And if you don't like them, I have others.

Michael Jackson (Sangen: Man In The Mirror).

If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, then make a change.

Eminem (Sangen: Loose Yourself).

If you had one shot or one oppertunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment, would you capture it or let it slip?!

Natasha Bedingfield (Sangen: I Bruise Easily).

Anyone who can touch you, can hurt you or heal you. Anyone who can reach you, can love you or leave you.

Jokeren (Sangen - Kvinde Din).

Lykken vender - når du mindst venter det - og ligepludselig er der intet - der kan ændre det

Elvis Presley.

At være stor er at blive misforstået.

Xzibit (Sangen "papparizi").

Too much of anything, can make you an addict.

Lou Reed aka Man with Strange Glasses (Filmen Blue In The Face 1995).

Yes, I am smoking cigarettes and some of my friends have died of them, but I am not downing a quart of Scotch in fifteen minutes. Looked at that way, cigarettes are actually a health tool!

Christina Aguilera (Sangen: Beautiful, 2003).

You are beautiful no matter what they say, Words won't bring you down, You are beautiful in every single way.

Nas (Fra sangen "I can" - 2003).

I know I can - Be what I wanna be - If I work hard at it - I'll be where I wanna be

John Legend (The song: All of me).

What's going on in that beautiful mind I'm on your magical mystery ride And I'm so dizzy, don't know what hit me, but I'll be alright.

Hoobastank (The song: The Reason).

I've found a reason to show - A side of me you didn't know - A reason for all that I do - And the reason is you

Ole Michelsen (Digtsamlingen "Natten har tusind øjne").

Det at vågne udhvilet forekommer mig at være en slags definition på lykke.

Billie Holiday (i sangen "Fine And Mellow").

Love is like a faucet, It turns off and on, Sometimes when you think it's on, baby - It's turned off and gone.

Don Henley (Sangen "In A New York Minute").

What the head makes cloudy the heart makes very clear.

Gloria Gaynor (Sangen "I will survive").

As long as I know how to love - I know I'll be alive. I've got all my life to live. I've got all my love to give. I will survive.

Frank~N~Furter (The Rocky Horror Show fra 1975).

Don't Dream It - BE IT!

Prince (The Morning Papers).

Why is age more than a number when it comes 2 love? ...Should we ask the moonlight on your face, Or the raindrops in your hair...

Stalin (Brugt af Marilyn Manson i The Fight Song).

The death of one is a tragedy. The death of a million is just a statistics.

Christian i Moulin Rouge (Moulin Rouge - sangen Nature boy).

The greatest thing - You'll ever learn - Is just to love - And be loved in return

Drill Sergent ("Full Metal Jacket" af Stanley Kubrik).


John Erskine.

Musik er det eneste sprog, på hvilket man ikke kan sige noget tarveligt eller hånligt.

Kim Bodnia (I Kina spiser de hunde).

Racist... du får det til at lyde som om et skældsord!

Gregg Alexander (1970-).

Life is a rollercoaster you just have to ride it....

Ozzy Osbourne.

Of all the things I´ve lost, I miss my mind the most.

Clint Eastwood (Dirty Harry).

Go ahead, make my day, punk.

Tom Amandes (Long Kiss Goodnight).

Må det bedste i jeres fortid, blive det værste i jeres fremtid.

Jesper Binzer (D-A-D) (Marlboro Man).

I'm tough and I'm mean I'm the american dream. Do as I: Inhale, don't blow it! You'll get the feeling & you know it... When the smoke gets to your brain... It makes you quite insane...


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